The vILLAGE Pub & Grill


Welcome to the village pub & grill the best in Bushbuckridge as it provides a friendly atmosphere, and such an excellent world class service. While seated on the deck under the indigenous tree, you will feel so relaxed, where you might forget that you are in the middle of the village.

The pub & grill was conceived with the aim to create an upmarket dining venue that could service Bushbuckridge residents and its travelers. Whether you are looking for a quick cocktail or an elaborate evening out wine & dinning, we are definitely the place to be. Our food menu boasts enticing dishes like Steaks, Amanqina, Mogodu, Grilled wings and a delicious Village Kota, Breakfast.



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The Village Pub & Grill

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The Village Pub & Grill


The Village Pub & Grill

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You need a break from your routine. But this doesn’t mean just anything will do. You deserve the most beautiful, relaxing and welcoming experience possible.