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The Village Guest House and the Pub & Grill is located in the village of Greenvalley area, R40 road next to the Arconhoek Mall. We have created the perfect environment for people to get together. Bring some good friends along to experience a relaxed conversation enjoying our home-cooked meals and guaranteed world class services within our business.

The establishment is geared towards leisure and business travelers who seek a home from home experience. Our guests can choose from a variety of our 15 beautiful rooms, romantic top floor suits for stunning views. Casual quarters in a laid back hotel offering such as village views, an outdoor pool, Boma experience and a mouthwatering breakfast.

Our luxury bar area is WIFI enabled and is the perfect place to unwind. We also offer our guests a massage therapy options.



The Village Guest House


The Village Guest House

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The Village Pub & Grill

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